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How many cigarettes do you get out of a 25g pack of tobacco?

robert_hayes_92 asked:

I’m thinking about starting to roll my own cigarette s to save money but I’m just wandering how many cigarette s would you get out of a 25g bag? The 25g bag is the same price as 20 cigarette s so if you get more than 20 cigarette s out of a 25g bag then i might go for it.

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  • Michigander
    September 2, 2010

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    If I’m thinking of the right size, then you can get about a carton out of that, give or take a few packs.

  • Aaron
    February 17, 2013

    I get around 50 out of a 25 g pouch rolling medium sized roll ups. I recommend trying american spirit as this is 100% additive free which can only be a good thing :)

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