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What does smoking cigarettes in your dreams mean?

Lynn K asked:

Since I can remember, I’ve had dreams off and on with me smoking in them. I’ve never smoked in my life, but in my dreams , I can vividly taste the cigarette and smoke and something tells me that I’ve done it before when I wake up, although I know I never have.

Recently, every dream I’ve had has included smoking cigarette s. They also commonly depict me traveling or running away from family . Any clues as to what this may mean?

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  • Colleen A.
    August 24, 2010


    Ooh, you’re a rebellious one! You’re struggling for independence and control in your life, and something seems to be keeping you back. It’s like you’re on a treadmill, and you’re subconsciously frustrated and angry about your inability to obtain your goal. As a result, a part of you has gotten very rebellious. You’re dreaming about doing things you perceive as somehow wrong or naughty. You smoke cigarettes. You run away from your family. It’s like your mind is saying: “Look at me now! Look at what I can do!” This probably gives you a subconscious thrill, and, as a result, you dream about it more often than mundane, everyday stimuli that aren’t exciting. Rebellious dreams often include sexual content as well; so if you start having dreams like that, remember that it’s a normal part of breaking free from constraints.

    My advice is just to hang in there. Independence is something we all strive for. Try to appreciate the little successes you have everyday. Feel proud of the things you can do on your own and the problems you can solve without help. And don’t worry about smoking in your dream. It doesn’t mean you’re going to do it in real life. It just means your working out some frustration.

  • Clovercake666
    August 24, 2010

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    Something that happens before something else in a dream often represents an event that actually happened before another in real life. Look for a parallel series of events, thoughts, decisions, feelings, etc. in your past—most likely your recent past.

    Before can also represent the idea of:

    •More important or superior
    See also: past time passing cause early
    cigarette •The idea of an addiction or a nervous habit
    •Any source of physical, emotional, or mental toxicity in your life
    •Trying to fill a need for a stronger sense of self-identity and independence
    A cigarette burning can represent the exhaustion or “burning up” of resources or energy somehow in your life.

    See also: ash fire flame destroying cigar smoke
    container A container can represent:

    •Control or restraint (physical, mental, emotional)

    •A category or other way to organize thoughts, feelings, opinions, to-do list items, etc.
    •Being or feeling organized or neat, especially as pertains to your state of mind (orderly or logical thinking).
    •Keeping certain things together in your mind (objects, people, ideas, etc.).
    •Being or feeling contained, restrained, or not allowed freedom.
    See also: cabinet dish drinking glass folder cooking vessel bottle vase organizing bucket or basket storage area drawers rectangle package bathtub or shower
    dream within a dream Dreaming that you go to sleep and have another dream can be a device the subconscious mind uses to indicate a change in context or timeframe within the original dream, such as:

    •A review of an earlier or later situation than that of the original dream
    •A change to a different level of detail, consciousness, or mood of the dreamer
    •A portrayal of a “what if” scenario, perhaps that is a bit of a stretch for the dreamer to imagine
    •A temporary diversion in the dream itself, or representing an actual temporary diversion in the dreamer’s life
    •An aspect of the dreamer’s life that the dreamer tends to compartmentalize or to see separately from the rest of their life
    •A matter that the subconscious mind suddenly decides to explore
    •A typical shift from one event in a series to the next, then happening to return to the first event

    •Some other shift in reality or perception

    family Family often represent members of your real family, whether they look like themselves or not. A family you don’t know may still represent your actual family, or they may represent another group you interact with in real life, such as a friends or co-workers.See also: brother person you know sister mother father son daughter grandfather cousin father-in-law mother-in-law
    holding Holding an object can represent the following in regard to whatever the object represents:

    •Continuation or maintenance
    •Responsibility or caring
    •Affection or liking
    See also: holding a person restrained grasping master
    life (existence) Your life, your existence, or your life experience or history can represent:

    •Feelings, thoughts, or fears about your past, present, or future
    •Your life path or direction
    •The scope of your life or variety of activities
    •Your affect on others in your life
    Dreaming that you never existed may involve recognizing the difference you’ve made so far in your life.

    See also: alive or exists soul past spiritual Light animal person you know unknown person lose your life force
    month A particular month can represent an actual time frame when the events represented in the dream really happened, or it can set a mood or context that you associate with that month or time of year.See also: spring (the season) summer winter autumn time of year time frame weather dates on a calendar calendar time passing
    off Dreaming that you accidentally run off a road or path, or fall off a bridge as you’re crossing it, can mean you need to pay more attention to responsibility for yourself and your life, or “watch where you’re going” in life.See also: slipping
    preserved Something that has been preserved or pickled can represent:

    •Preservation or perseverance
    •A process that has been suspended
    •Something that has been “shelved” or delayed indefinitely
    •The idea of attachment, saving, or clinging to something from your past

    See also: food being protected protecting condiment
    running •The fast passage of time, or quick progress in life or along your life path
    •The real-life activity, such as in a dream where you’re exploring something that happened on an actual run or other recent event
    See also: traveling, driving, or walking escaping or running away being chased chasing marathon
    self You usually represent yourself or your life, desires, fears, imagination, or other aspects of yourself.
    smoke Signs or evidence that a problem may exist. An illusion (think of “smoke and mirrors”). See also: furnace fireplace fire flame ash fog exhaust cigarette

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